What excites our parents the most?

We build confidence and responsibility.

We believe in helping children learn to be responsible for themselves, while still nurturing and guiding them in the correct direction. Our students are allowed to CHECK IN / OUT on their own as they walk home from school. Our custom designed and child friendly system will automatically text their parent, letting them know they arrived safely to our center.... and then again when they are on their way home again!

We figured the LAST thing you need is another activity to drive your kids to, sit in the car while they're there, then truck them back home. Even though you are welcome to do this if you wish, we offer the freedom for your students to check in and out as they need to each day.


Homework Help

With several different options, we're sure to have the monthly plan to best fit you and your student's needs.

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Tutoring Sessions

We offer private and semi-private tutoring options. You can even chose to have the session take place at your home!

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College Prep

Don't let your high schooler be unprepared. Our college advisor is able to sit with them and discuss all of their options.

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