Downtown Academics Tutoring in San Marcos takes pride in offering a variety of tutors - from the knowledge and experience they have to offer, to their amazing and friendly personalities!


It's a simple truth - if the tutor explains things in the same exact manner and tone as the student's teacher does... they still won't get it. Duh!  We work on pairing your student with a tutor that can understand, relate, and CONNECT with your student. A quiet, or shy student may easily shut down, or feel intimidated, with a tutor that is high-energy or too excited. Just as a student that needs to move around and explore while learning won't hear a single word the tutor says if forced to sit and stare at a boring worksheet. How can a tutor that has never struggled with disorganization, sympathize with the high schooler that misplaces school work and forgets deadlines?  They can't; because to them it just comes naturally.


That's why it's so important to us to find just the right tutor for your student! You can read a little bit about each of our tutors by clicking on their names. Or just give us a call! 949-973-0670